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PBX Phone System For Small Business

With VoIP becoming more widespread and reliable, the future of business telephony seems to be taking off in the virtual, internet-based world. Threshold Communications is at the heart of the industry offering a wide variety of benefits to their PBX service. A PBX phone system for small business isn’t just about routing calls. You should expect the handling […]

SIP Trunks

Many businesses are already using VoIP, however, most are only using it for communication on the company LAN. They are taking advantage of lower administrative costs and lower intra-company call rates, but are missing the opportunity for a greater ROI by not incorporating SIP trunking. The full potential for IP communications can only be realized […]

Intelligent Call Routing

If you have been looking for an intelligent call routing solution to better assign inbound phone calls too , ten look no further than Threshold communications. Threshold’s intelligent call routing matrix provides your business the flexibility of routing inbound calls based on percentage allocation, time of day, coast to coast, and department specific routing features. Not only are Threshold’s intelligent […]

Hosted Phone Systems

These are the 4 key components that you need to consider before purchasing a hosted phone system for your business. These key components are also applicable to any VOIP or PBX service you may be looking into. Business phone systems can either be a local onsite solution or a hosted phone system such as hosted PBX and hosted VOIP systems. Hosted […]

PBX Phone Systems vs Hosted Phone Systems

Network background

PBX Phone Systems PBX, or private branch exchange, refers to telephone networks used within companies. Internal phone lines are connected via a private network and external lines are shared. PBX systems can be traditional or Internet-based via VOIP, voice over IP. A PBX phone system is ideal for companies with multiple locations or in support of a remote workforce. […]

Standalone DSL Connect Multiple Sites To Main Business Site

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Are you looking for a better way to connect your remote employees or smaller branch offices to the main office network?  Stand alone DSL not only provides a secure connection to your network, but also ensures a cohesive security policy.  By using the same firewalls, you are blocking out non-work related material and reducing the risk […]

Ethernet Private Lines For Point-To-Point Connection

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What Are Ethernet Private Lines? In this short video, we will share with you what we believe to be the primary advantages of using Ethernet private lines for point to point connections. Ethernet Private Lines In the past, carriers created other solutions, like MPLS and Frame relay. These were designed to address the carrier’s network […]