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Standalone DSL Connect Multiple Sites To Main Business Site

Are you looking for a better way to connect your remote employees or smaller branch offices to the main office network?  Stand alone DSL not only provides a secure connection to your network, but also ensures a cohesive security policy.  By using the same firewalls, you are blocking out non-work related material and reducing the risk of viruses or threats. With access to all the central systems, your employees are then able to work safely and effectively.

A private DSL network is a very cost efficient way of connecting multiple sites to a main site.  Because they are easy to manage and require relatively simple on-site equipment, it is not necessary to have an on-site IT manager.  The ease of use and installation has proven to be priceless. DSL has opened up opportunities for small and medium sized companies that were otherwise financially impossible.

Since virtual offices are connecting with each other via their private lines, data is transmitted without risk because stand alone DSL never touches the internet.  The copper-based telephone network on which DSL operates is one of the most reliable infrastructures in the world.  Phone lines rarely go down and, if they do, are restored quickly.  DSL can also ensure super-fast broadband speeds to handle all types of applications and data transfer.

If you are struggling to control and connect your network, this may be the simple solution you have been looking for.  At Threshold, we can reduce time and cost to your business while enabling your employees to work safely and productively from remote offices

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