About Threshold

At Threshold, we believe there is a better way to provide telecom solutions;  a more client focused and less “cookie cutter” way.  Our client solutions bring the benefits of multi-carriers while saving money and eliminating the hassles that come with multiple carriers. We focus on providing customized solutions specific to our client’s needs. For these reasons, Threshold Communications has become a trusted telecom provider both in the United States and Internationally.

Our Mission

To be the BEST solution provider for our clients while providing a work environment that supports our team members lives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to take the complexity out of buying and maintaining telecommunications services worldwide.

The Values That Drive Us

  1. Respect for customers and team members
  2. Never stop learning; be the telecom expert
  3. Under promise and over deliver
  4. Be the company we would want to work with, not just better than our competition
  5. Provide a work environment that supports team members so they can support our clients
  6. Do what’s right

The Right Solution at the Right Price

Threshold will work with you to bring a fresh approach to your unique project.  We provide the right solution, at the right price, with outstanding service and support. Clients enjoy the benefits of a multi-carrier solution, with a single invoice, 24/7/365 support, and with one Master Service Agreement.

Dedication to Excellence

Our team members know that they are part of an organization that goes the extra mile to support our clients and each other. Threshold team members are dedicated to excellence.