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We Don't Normally Talk About Ourselves. But Since You Asked...

We built Threshold Communications to be your one-stop shop for all things communication. Our mission? To give you the best solution and support possible while fostering a healthy work environment for our team. And that starts by throwing our cookie cutters in the trash. 

How Threshold Communications
Came To Be

Threshold emerged from the rubble of the dot-com crash, and it’s a tale that starts in the late months of 2001. Jeff, our founder, noticed a troubling trend in the telecom industry. Carriers were shedding staff left and right. Once-reliable names quickly began losing their edge when it came to serving their clients.  

It was a lightbulb moment for Jeff. He realized that no single carrier could provide the perfect solution for companies with diverse locations and service needs. Companies needed a provider that could build them a better solution, not force them into a single “one-size-fits-all” solution.  

And the demand for a provider that actually prioritized client service was growing, especially as more and more enterprises reduced their IT teams. 

That’s when Jeff decided to found Threshold, a communications company that was committed to: 

  • Building custom solutions our customers needed, and 
  • Providing the top-notch care they craved.  


And we’ve stood by that commitment ever since. How? By hiring the best of the best – individuals with a wealth of experience in both telecommunications and IT. 

All Selling Points, No Pain Points. That's the Threshold Promise


Your journey starts with a straightforward Master Service Agreement, giving you access to thousands of carrier networks worldwide.


Choosing Threshold won't break the bank. We put in the work to find the most competitive carriers, so you can enjoy premium services without the premium price.


Experience dedicated teams for your projects, access to seasoned engineers, and specialized troubleshooting, all without extra costs.


Say goodbye to confusing bills and years-long billing disputes. With us, you get one clear monthly invoice that's 99% accurate, no matter how many carriers are involved.

Oh, and Did We Mention We're Crazy About Customer Support?

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Around-The-Clock Service

We take pride in being there for you 24/7/365. So much so that our average wait time to speak to a human is less than 30 seconds.

group of workers discussing something seriously

Immediate, Expert Action

Dealing with an urgent issue or outage? Our team will bridge the gap and act fast to resolve it, even if you can't provide all the details.

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Better Issue Resolution

Our team knows how to cut through the red tape and work with carriers to fast-track a solution to whatever problem you're facing.

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Personal Responsibility

We don't believe in passing the buck here at Threshold. If there's an error, on our side or our partners' side, we do our best to make it right.

Exceptional Communication Takes an Exceptional Team.
Which is Why We Built One.

When you work with us, you’ll have a team that’s invested in your company and stays by your side throughout your project. Their goal? To make sure your experience is a total success.