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Build Better Communications From the Ground Up

Whether it’s SIP trunks or software, Threshold provides all the building blocks you need to design your perfect system, complete with all the features you want. Except the hot tub. Even we have limits. 

Stay Connected and Ahead of the Curve with Our Hosted Phone System

Our PBX system is a complete communication solution, giving you access to all your favorite features from one convenient location. And its georedundant setup means it’ll take more than a little thunderstorm to knock your phones offline. 

Equipped With 100+ Features

From call management to instant messaging and customizable hold music, we've got what you need to make the most of every conversation.

Fully Mobile, Fully Reliable

Our system is equipped with a powerful softphone app that lets you take your office phone system on the go wherever you go.

No Astronomical Upfront Costs

Unlike other systems, you don't need any expensive hardware with hosted PBX. And because it's based in the cloud, upgrade costs are a thing of the past.

Fits Any Business at Any Size

Whether you're a small startup or an established enterprise, our system can flex to fit your unique needs and pricepoints.

Reach Anyone, Anywhere with Our SIP Trunking Services

With just an internet connection, you can make and take calls, host video meetings, and so much more thanks to the power of SIP. 

Searching For Additional Solutions to pair with Voice? We can help!

Plain Old Telephone Services Just Got Better, Thanks To ePOTS ​

Our ePOTS service allows yout to consolidate voice and data services over a single broadband connection, making voice service management easier than ever. ​

With ePOTS, you can easily add or remove lines, customize features, and scale up or down as you evolve. No more wrangling wires.

Stop worrying about exceeding limits! Our unlimited and flat rate usage plans ensure you have the freedom to communicate without constraints, all at a predictable cost.

Fully Embrace The Digital Age With Our eFaxing Platform

No more paper jams or bulky fax machines! Now you can send and receive faxes securely – and easily – from your computer or mobile device. 

legal professional working from their office

Elevate Your Legal Practice with our Premium Voice Services

Experience the power of our professional voice solutions, tailored for the legal industry.

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Transform Healthcare Communication with our Voice Services

Discover our cutting-edge services designed to enhance healthcare communication.

Your Perfect Solution Is Just a Phone Call Away!

Don’t settle for less when you can have it all. Schedule a 10-minute exploratory call to see how Threshold can help you achieve your communications goals or discover if you’re located in our coverage area instead.