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PBX Phone Systems vs Hosted Phone Systems

PBX Phone Systems

PBX, or private branch exchange, refers to telephone networks used within companies. Internal phone lines are connected via a private network and external lines are shared. PBX systems can be traditional or Internet-based via VOIP, voice over IP. A PBX phone system is ideal for companies with multiple locations or in support of a remote workforce.

In this short video, CEO, Jeff Matson explains comprehensive PBX phone system features offered by Threshold Communications, including options that allow for call forwarding, and find-me-follow-me call features.

Hosted Phone Systems

Hosted phone systems can offer the same functionality as PBX systems, but without the equipment costs of traditional private networks.

With a hosted business phone solution, equipment is housed and maintained by a local phone service provider and services are provided to the business.  Also called central office exchange service or centrex.  A hosted phone system that functions over the Internet is called IP PBX or VoIP, depending on the technology used.

Learn more about our Hosted PBX and VOIP services and Contact Us today for a personalized solution for your business.

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