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Hosted Phone Systems

These are the 4 key components that you need to consider before purchasing a hosted phone system for your business. These key components are also applicable to any VOIP or PBX service you may be looking into. Business phone systems can either be a local onsite solution or a hosted phone system such as hosted PBX and hosted VOIP systems.

Hosted Phone Systems – Four Key Components

  1. Redundancy and Resiliency
  2. Service and Support
  3. Connectivity Options
  4. Call Management

These 4 key components all need to be to consider before purchasing a business phone system or VOIP phone system.

This short segment on business phone systems, and hosted business phones, is part of a series of videos to help inform businesses as they search for hosted phone systems. Our data centers in Seattle and Phoenix are the perfect solution for start up businesses and established business entities and we support businesses around the globe.

If your business is in need of a business phone system, or a hosted business phone system then contact Threshold Communications today to see if our services are a right match for your company.

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