Traditional PBX

When it comes to phone systems, enterprise companies today have more options than ever before. Traditional phone systems can be very expensive to not only procure but operate. There is the initial capital expense for the hardware and or phones. Then, the operating costs of licenses, maintenance and internal resources to manage day to day changes. As new features are added, so are new costs if your organization is hoping to utilize those features. After all this is factored in, you must consider the costs associated with SIP Trunks or PRIs. This can add up significantly.

Many of today’s enterprise businesses have opted to have a 3rd party like Threshold provide their phone system. This can significantly reduce costs associated with a traditional PBX. Threshold’s hosted PBX solution has many call features. Whether a smaller organization or one with several thousands of employees, all users get full access to all features available at no additional cost. This is a big difference from many of our competitors who opt to add ancillary charges for enhanced features. Threshold’s hosted PBX solution is also georedundant with points of presence in multiple datacenters across the US. Our clients do not worry about single points of failures in our network. If one of our facilities go offline the other will take the load. Users of our solution also enjoy access to a portal that allows clients to make simple adds/moves/change or these can be made with a call to our 24/7/365 support number.

Benefits include:

  • High availability
  • User cost includes all features
  • Supports multiple phones and or softphone client options
  • 24/7/365 support
  • User friendly portal
  • DID coverage in US/Canada
  • Audio conference bridge