PBX Phone System for Small Business

With VoIP becoming more widespread and reliable, the future of business telephony seems to be taking off in the virtual, internet-based world. Threshold Communications is at the heart of the industry offering a wide variety of benefits to their PBX service.

A PBX phone system for small business isn’t just about routing calls. You should expect the handling of holds and transfers, management of incoming calls that are not picked up immediately, voicemail, faxes, automated greeting or messages, touchtone menus, conferences, and call records. Additionally, with hosted PBX systems, there’s no high initial cost for buying expensive hardware or upgrade costs for changing hardware. Hosted PBX systems make advanced business technology available for even small businesses.

Threshold’s PBX phone system for small business provides a fantastic solution for small and large companies alike.  Our cost-effective systems should make a considerable change from your current phone system. These popular features are included at no extra charge:

    • automated attendant
    • find me, follow me call routing
    • voicemail
    • time of day call routing
    • call queues
    • multi-location support
    • dial by name directory
    • individual extensions

Our PBX phone system for small business has so many additional features and functions, we’re confident we can meet your unique business needs.


At Threshold Communications you will find the hosted PBX located at our data center. All your calls travel over private connections to your offices, never touching the internet reducing distortion and increasing voice quality. Whether you are a small company looking to get full services at a low cost or a large company looking for the most sophisticated PBX system, Threshold Communications will provide an unusually high level of service and support.


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