While Threshold does support TDM PRI voice circuits, most enterprise businesses today have moved to SIP trunks. Threshold has a georedundant voice network that protects clients from single points of failure. DIDs are available in most of the US/Canada including Hawaii and Alaska. Our flat rate SIP trunk includes all local usage. Clients enjoy the low fixed flat rate cost vs a per minute rate for local usage. Customers of Threshold can connect to Threshold SIP trunks via public internet, MPLS/VPLS, private transport, microwave or via most major carrier hotel marketplaces. One of the unique values to the Threshold SIP trunk solution is the ability for clients to burst above a commitment level if they have the additional bandwidth. This allows a customer to pay only for what is actually used. Many Threshold clients are enterprise call centers that have high availability requirements for both in/outbound calling.

For toll-free inbound services, Threshold’s unique way of managing the SMS800 database provides clients with tremendous mobility and resiliency should an upstream carrier outage ever take place. One requirement of SIP trunks is going through interoperability with the client’s PBX vendor. Threshold interop process takes only minutes to setup. Once a call is tested the porting process can begin.

In addition to SIP trunks, Threshold also provides a variety of SBC (session border controller) options at an additional cost. The SBC acts like a firewall for voice and provides management and monitoring for voice calls.