Whether you are a network engineer looking to simplify your life and gain additional depth to your team, or an IT executive looking at a new approach to managing the WAN; Threshold has you covered. Software Defined Networks also known as SD WAN is changing the way enterprise businesses design and setup office networks. Traditionally, enterprise businesses have terminated carrier data circuits into a router that sits on the customer premise. Usually, the organization might have a single network engineer that would setup simple or complex routing to fit their companies needs. Additionally, there might be a small firewall onsite to support VPN connections. In some case’s the business might have two data circuits coming into a location. In the event of an outage fail-over would be noticed but was relatively quick. Fast forward to today’s world where data circuits are carrying video, voice, critical applications, point of sale and other revenue generating services. The tolerance for outages has changed. SD WAN options allow enterprise clients to terminate multiple data circuits into a device that is smart enough to know which circuit is the best route to send traffic. Fail-over is automatic. A client can be on a voice call and stay connected if a circuit interface goes down. These single devices are being used for routers, simple firewalls, WAN optimization and network analytics. Threshold support management of Cisco Meraki and Silver Peaks today, but may add more options in the future. Unlike many carriers that require the customer to buy the SD WAN devices from the carrier, Threshold will allow customers to procure the mutually agreed upon devices, Threshold will design, configure and provide on going management of the devices the client owns. Whether you are a network engineer on a thinly staffed team looking for some additional help or and organization that simply doesn’t have the resources let Threshold help design and maintain a high availability network at a low cost.

Traditional remote site(s)

  • Common circuit termination to a firewall or router (or both)
  • Senior network engineer or team required
  • Single or dual data circuits into a router or firewall
  • Reroute done manually or automatically
  • Automatic reroute always service impacting to business
  • Managing and pushing out WAN updates difficult
  • Expensive CAPEX and OPEX
  • Analytics and alerting that was not simple to access
  • Primary data circuit and back-up data circuit speeds needed to match
  • Fixed routing tables


  • Single device can act as router, simple firewall, WAN optimization and wireless access point
  • Lower cost CAPEX and OPEX
  • User friendly analytics and alerting
  • Reroutes done automatically and non-business impacting
  • Data circuit bandwidth mismatch supported
  • Updates to every device done with single click
  • Automatic route conditioning to take best route available

Threshold SD WAN Solutions

  • Supports multiple SD WAN devices
  • Customer acquires and owns devices
  • Threshold can design, setup and maintain
  • Full turn key solution
  • Threshold provided data circuit A and B along with device management
  • Working jointly with client engineering team or as a stand-alone option
  • Outage alerts are reported to our 24/7/365 NOC
  • Active vs. reactive approach to outage support on circuits
  • Flat one-time cost and monthly cost per device management and setup