Most private line transport provided today to the enterprise business is either layer 2 Transport and or layer 1 DWDM WAVE. One of the large advantages to Threshold’s private transport solution is flexibility. Most carriers do not allow customers to select the local loop provider option. Since Threshold can procure local loops from almost every major carrier in the world, Threshold clients can design networks that have true physical redundancy. This is critical for enterprise businesses that suffer revenue loss should a network outage take place. If requested, this is something Threshold can do both domestically and internationally. Another great benefit of Threshold’s private transport product is the ability to plumb customers into common cloud providers like AWS and Azure. If designed up front, a single private transport circuit from Threshold can privately connect clients to global peering exchanges and marketplaces that allows clients to be a VLAN away from existing and future partners. Imagine having a single data handoff (private transport) that has a VLAN for SIP trunks, VLAN for Internet, VLAN to AWS Direct connect, VLAN to Azure Express Connect, VLAN to another client or partner. This is already available today for Threshold clients.

Hybrid Networks

The majority of enterprise businesses have found that data circuit down time is too big of a distraction within an organization and for clients. As such, the modern-day enterprise company tends to have a network designed with primary and secondary connectivity. Maintenance windows, fiber cuts, human error, weather; virtually all carrier incur outages. It is not a matter of “if” but “when”. Threshold’s approach is that unless an office is very small or doesn’t require back up connectivity, all clients should design their network with the highest uptime availability. Traditional MPLS/VPLS solutions can limit a client’s flexibility. Traditionally, a carrier that provides a customer an MPLS solution does not allow the client to pick the local loop provider. Additionally, all services connecting to the MPLS nodes are required to be purchased by the same carrier. Our studies show that clients that have locations in many geographical areas benefit by being able to pick and choose carrier loops. The carrier that is best in your California location is not likely the best provider in your Europe location, so why be limited to just a single carrier option?