Broadband Internet

Threshold broadband solution can be either non-symmetrical or symmetrical in speed. This product tends to be a lower cost option for clients that do not require SLAs (Service Level Agreement). The core is shared, and the service is not available in every building. This sometimes depends on distance to the LEC central office. Threshold options include copper, fiber and cable coax based solutions for broadband. Clients requiring low cost and high availability can consider Threshold for a hybrid of the options. Broadband can be a great low-cost option for the enterprise business. Threshold broadband is currently only available in the US.

Direct Internet Access (DIA)

Unlike broadband, DIA service is dedicated to the individual customer. It is not shared with any other company(s) in the core. This product comes with a guarantee uptime SLA and credits, should service go down. DIA tends to be more expensive than broadband and consumers should expect better quality service delivery. Threshold DIA service is available both domestically and internationally in almost every country in the world. One of the unique things about Threshold DIA service is the ability to deliver this service by way of fiber, copper, coax or microwave. Some carriers have limited delivery methods. Threshold does not, which provides greater flexibility to end user customers.

In some cases, Threshold can provide blended carrier options. This means the customer can get access to multiple ISP networks on a single physical handoff or multiple physical handoffs. In most cases where blended options are available, Threshold clients enjoy the ability to burst above their internet commits. Bursting is not available on all DIA circuits. Make sure to ask your sales representative to validate your location(s) if you are interested in this feature.


Threshold offers both layer 3 MPLS and or layer 2 VPLS solutions that are fully meshed. The engineering simplicity make this an attractive solution and is available both domestically and internationally. This solution can provide any to any connections within a client WAN and honors class of service tagging. If desired, designs can be constructed to connect with various cloud providers like AWS Direct Connect and Azure Express routes. This is a private network solution and is really a carrier VPN. There are some applications where this solution can be very beneficial for clients. Threshold can provide an MPLS/VPLS solution along with a DIA solution using separate carriers. This is very appealing to businesses looking to achieve high availability networks.