Mark spent his youth on a farm in rural Nebraska and attended the University of Nebraska – Lincoln before moving to Seattle in 1999. Mark has always loved computers and technology since he was a kid, growing into a telecom and networking career at the age of 17 and is still at it today — 23 years later.

Mark has enjoyed a long and varied background in IP and telecom, starting when the internet was still “just for nerds”. Mark’s career has covered a lot of ground including TDM switched telecom, SS7, wireless, and a long career in E911, unix system administrator, and 10+ years doing VoIP now. Mark’s natural love for his field expresses itself in his constant quest to stay on the cutting edge of information technologies and network communications.

Favorite Quote:

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

Favorite Hobbies:

Ham radio

Pet Peeve:

Driving too slow in the fast lane