Why You Should Partner with Threshold

Threshold is a full-service telecommunications provider that is disrupting the way traditional enterprise business procure voice/data/hosting services. We specialize in providing clients access to thousands of global carrier networks and products delivered as a single solution. Our clients have all the benefits of a hybrid multi-carrier solution but do not have to do deal with the headaches of managing multiple vendors. The experience is 24/7/365 support, a single master service agreement, access to multiple carriers, competitive pricing, and accurate billing.  These are just a few of the reasons our clients refer to us as a partner not just a vendor.


Threshold’s Master Service Agreement is a simple document outlining the rules of our partnership. This single MSA gives clients access to thousands of carrier networks around the globe.


Everyone knows that telecom invoices can be difficult to read and, in many cases, inaccurate. Each carrier has their unique labeling of taxes and fees. Traditional billing disputes can be painful and lengthy to resolve. At Threshold, each month, our clients receive a single invoice regardless of the number of underlying carriers in the solution. Our invoicing accuracy is 99%, the best in the business. Let us deal with disputes regarding the underlying carrier while you enjoy accurate invoicing from Threshold.

Customer Support

Clients comment on how much pride Threshold takes in customer support. We offer 24/7/365 support with an average connect time to a live voice in less than 30 seconds. Our experienced team understands the sense of urgency an outage requires. Often, clients in an outage, don’t provide a lot of detail.  While more information is better, our trained team will bridge the gap of information.; our team knows how to fast track issues within the carrier organization. You can rest assured knowing that Threshold is accessing the best resources available to get resolution to your issue.


Threshold clients receive a dedicated team for project roll outs; the team’s focus is to make your overall client experience a success.  Depending on the project and/or support needed, clients have access to our highly experienced senior engineering team.  And to assure our clients continue to receive the best support, we have a team specifically for complex troubleshooting. If Threshold or the underlying carrier is unable to resolve the issue to closure, for an additional fee, our trouble shooting team will work with the customer until a final resolution has been made. If the issue turns out to be a result of Threshold or underlying carrier network the charge is waived.


We are often asked “does it cost more to go with Threshold vs. going with the carrier direct”?  The answer is NO. Since we have access to so many carrier options, we procure from underlying carriers where they are most competitive.