Intelligent Call Routing

If you have been looking for an intelligent call routing solution to better assign inbound phone calls too , then look no further then Threshold communications.

Threshold’s intelligent call routing matrix provides your business the flexibility of routing inbound calls based on percentage allocation, time of day, coast to coast, and department specific routing features.

Not only are Threshold’s intelligent call routing features more cost effective than traditional routing matrices, but with Threshold Communications, your connecting to multiple SIP servers so there are no single points of failure, meaning that the routing of your calls will never be interrupted.


Threshold SIP trunks are managed in our geographically redundant data centers, including Seattle, Phoenix and other locations around the globe.  This makes our call routing options secure, and manageable from anywhere in the world. We can then deliver calls to and from almost anywhere in the world, route them to multiple hubs, and locations, all the while keeping your local phone numbers.

As a SIP trunking provider with integrated intelligent call routing, Threshold is dedicated to providing high quality, inexpensive phone services which include call routing options available through the user dashboard.

Give us a call and see if Threshold’s Intelligent Call Routing or any of our other solutions are right for your company.


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