Private DSL

Threshold’s Private DSL service is the right low cost access solution for your company. Threshold Private DSL never touches the internet. Threshold Private DSL utilizes an ATM network to deliver your voice and data to a host site or to Threshold for many of the services we provide. Since Threshold Private DSL does not touch the internet, your data and voice applications perform significantly more reliably at costs that are significantly lower than traditional private line solutions.

  • Single and Bonded DSL Available

Threshold Private DSL is different than the DSL that most people think about.

Most think DSL is only to access the internet, but it doesn’t have to be.

Threshold Private DSL is routed to our data center over our private backbone and never touches the internet, and all the issues associated with the internet

This allows Threshold, to provide high quality, inexpensive solutions. Such as:

  • Hosted PBX
  • Internet access
  • Point-to-point private lines
  • Back-up networks
  • Meshed solutions for hybrid networks
  • SIP trunks

Threshold private DSL covers over 85% of the United States. Give us a call and see if Threshold Private DSL or any of our other solutions are right for your company.