PBX Phone System vs Hosted Phone System

  Hosted Phone System Hosted phone systems can offer the same functionality as PBX systems, but without the equipment costs of traditional private networks. With a hosted business phone solution, equipment is housed and maintained by a local phone service provider and services are provided to the business.  Also called central office exchange service or […]

Hosted Phone System

These are the 4 key components that you need to consider before purchasing a hosted phone system for your business. These key components are also applicable to any VOIP or PBX service you may be looking into. Business phone systems can either be a local onsite solution or a hosted phone system such as hosted PBX and hosted […]

PBX Phone System for Small Business

With VoIP becoming more widespread and reliable, the future of business telephony seems to be taking off in the virtual, internet-based world. Threshold Communications is at the heart of the industry offering a wide variety of benefits to their PBX service. A PBX phone system for small business isn’t just about routing calls. You should expect […]