Enterprise, Business Cases – Voice and Data Communications

Client #1 Situation:

  • Client has main HQ and 15 smaller locations in six states & China
  • VPN’s between locations difficult to maintain
  • Internal network not sufficient to support the business
  • Limited phone functionality
  • Long Distance call charges apply when calling between locations
  • Critical systems sometimes impacted as they are at HQ location

Solution: Threshold Collocation, TDM voice, SIP & MPLS Eliminated business impacting outages. No increase in cost

  • Moved all critical systems including; email, data base, web servers, CRM to Collocation
  • Built and Installed fiber at 6 key locations for MPLS with 7X bandwidth between locations
  • China added to MPLS for dramatically improved communication
  • All locations phones interconnected with QOS private network
  • TDM voice services at multiple locations with ability to failover in event of outages
  • SIP trunks toll-free shared between all locations eliminates excess lines
  • Internet access in collocation saves 90% over purchasing it at each location
  • VPN removed for internal location connections
  • Single firewall / VPN maintained at collocation simplifies all remote mobile access
  • 99.999% uptime is significant improvement for their systems and web store.

Client #2 Situation:

  • Client has low speed connections to many locations
  • All critical systems at HQ
  • No redundancy for internet access, or power in the event of disruptions
  • Limited phone functionality between locations
  • Federal privacy regulations require extra high security, physical and logical

Solution: Threshold collocation, Ethernet private lines, Internet access

  • Client moved all critical systems to collocation including PBX
  • All locations connect to PBX in collocation for seamless integration
  • Provided 7X increase in bandwidth between locations
  • Redundant internet connections utilizing BGP with 5 different upstream providers
  • SIP trunks at collocation for local and long distance in 7 different rate centers and 3 states