Threshold Communications provides a wide variety of data services designed to meet your unique requirements. We bring the industry’s best products and services together so that your long-term communications needs are realized.

Imagine having access to virtually any carrier network world-wide. Threshold has no geographical limitations. Whether adding a single site to your existing WAN or replacing and existing one, let Threshold help you take advantage of the best solutions available. Threshold has the ability to provide multi-carrier solutions, on a single invoice and provide 24x7x365 day support.

Some of our data offerings include:

Storage Replication, Site Replication and Virtual Servers

Nimble Storage

Our service provides Disaster Recovery for customers who are using Nimble Storage for their environment. Threshold Communications leverages Nimble’s volume replication technology to copy critical data to other Nimble arrays at different locations, enhancing the overall data recovery plan.

Site Replication

Site Replication Product is ideal for customers who want to colocate Storage Area Network (SAN) appliances at a premier facility without the hassle of managing your own datacenter and bandwidth.


Bandwidth subscription is required with all replication Options.

Optional Components

Virtual Machine Subscription

Our service can include Virtual machines that will attach to the replicated volumes for data integrity confirmation.

Virtual Production Readiness

Our service can include a Mirror of all production servers, Virtual and Physical, to allow for a Fast Site Recovery.


Nimble Site Replication (100GB min) $1.50/GB $100
Nimble Site Replication (<1tb) $1.35/GB $100
Nimble Site Replication (<5tb) $1.15/GB $100
Nimble Site Replication (<15tb) $0.95/GB $100
Nimble Premium Collocated Array $495.00 $150

Cloud Servers

Optional Virtual Machines to attach to replicated data

Entry Level Cloud (1GB RAM, 25GB Disk, 1 Core, 1000GB BW) $49
Basic Cloud (1GB RAM, 100GB Disk, 1 Core, 1000GB BW) $59
Smallbiz Cloud (2GB RAM, 100GB Disk, 2 Core, 1500GB BW) $119
Professional Cloud (4GB RAM, 100GB Disk, 4 Core, 1500GB BW) $159
Enterprise Cloud (8GB RAM, 100GB Disk, 8 Core, 1500GB BW) $259
Windows 2008 R2 Web Edition License $15
Windows 2008 R2 Standard Edition License $25
Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition $60
Additional 100GB Disk Space $50
Managed Hosting $50
Managed Backup $1/GB

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Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)

Optimize your network infrastructure with Threshold’s MPLS service. As the 21st century standard for forwarding and controlling data traffic, MPLS enables a variety of different types of network protocols to work together to deliver a unified, highly efficient, reliable and cost-effective network.

As IP traffic continues to grow at an astronomical rate, businesses are looking for a solution to cost-effectively manage the high traffic growth. Threshold MPLS is the answer. We deliver the technology to optimize network usage and enable services in the most efficient way without high incremental investments. Threshold’s network infrastructure fully leverages the capabilities of MPLS, allowing companies to run multiple applications at different priorities, with different QoS parameters associated with each priority across the same connection.

Features and Benefits

  • Industry leading network management
  • Combines different types of network protocol to work together
  • Guaranteed bandwidth availability and service predictability
  • Carrier class reliability and consistency
  • Supports mission-critical applications across your WAN
  • Increase network and service throughput up to 35%

Private Line Solutions

With flawless performance and high levels of availability, Private Line Solutions are ideal for customers requiring the very best for mission-critical voice and data applications. All leased circuits provide highly secure and reliable transmission for voice and data applications, at speeds ranging from fractional T1, up to OC192 and Dark Fiber for U.S. and international services.


IP VPN is a fully managed, network-based solution that allows you to transfer your voice, video, and data applications by leveraging the reliability and security of a high-speed, IP backbone. With IP VPN for point-to-point tunneling and class of service (CoS) routing for traffic prioritization, your business can attain the global reach of the Internet with the security and privacy of your own network. Service available both domestically and internationally.

Private DSL

Threshold’s Private DSL service is the right low cost access solution for your company. Threshold Private DSL never touches the internet. Threshold Private DSL utilizes an ATM network to deliver your voice and data to a host site or to Threshold for many of the services we provide. Since Threshold Private DSL does not touch the internet, your data and voice applications perform significantly more reliably at costs that are significantly lower than traditional private line solutions.

  • Single and Bonded DSL Available

Stand Alone DSL

Threshold provides stand alone DSL. This is a great low cost solution for accessing the internet at a specific site or as a back-up solution. Speeds and availability are determined on a case by case basis.

  • Single and Bonded DSL Available

Threshold Private DSL

Threshold Private DSL is different than the DSL that most people think about.

Most think DSL is only to access the internet, but it doesn’t have to be.

Threshold Private DSL is routed to our data center over our private backbone and never touches the internet, and all the issues associated with the internet

This allows Threshold, to provide high quality, in-expensive solutions. Such as:

  • Hosted PBX
  • Internet access
  • Point-to-point private lines
  • Back-up networks
  • Meshed solutions for hybrid networks
  • SIP trunks

Threshold private DSL covers over 85% of the United States. Give us a call and see if Threshold Private DSL or any of our other solutions are right for your company.


By only working with the top tier service providers, Threshold Communications ensures that your business requirements will be exceeded. These services stand up to the test of time. When your business requires more than fast reliable services, Threshold is ready to provide these additional services.

Threshold Managed Network Solutions

Threshold Communications is dedicated to providing our clients with a customized Managed Network Solution that fits their needs today and for the future. You will find that our unique approach doesn’t lock you into the same carrier for all your telephony services and allows us to provide high quality, inexpensive solutions.

Our managed networks combine physical network, routers, switches, management, maintenance and monitoring into one simple service. This will allow your IT staff to concentrate on applications that bring value and productivity to your organization. You focus on running your business while our trained consultants focus on running your networks.

As your ideal provider you will experience cost savings, quick problem resolution, best-of-breed solutions, and predictability. Threshold is scalable to support small to large, multi-location, and multi-vendor networks. We offer end-to-end solutions with 24/7/365 support and provide access to network experts without the expensive cost of full-time employees. Threshold is your trusted partner to manage your networks while you achieve your business goals.

Allow us to…

  • Evaluate your current network
  • Evaluate your need for collocation
  • Provide all aspects of network roll-out
  • Save your company money while increasing access to resources and client satisfaction
  • Stabilize your environment so that you can address other areas within your IT organization
  • Threshold Communications is determined to deliver the best, most reliant solution for your organization

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